Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Mama Confessions

So first off there are about 10 OTHER things I could be doing right now...that are way more productive but instead...I sit here.  Eating chips and salsa.  Typing away.  Meh.

I've been thinking lately about how it's funny the way I've sorta "evolved" as a mother.  Before you have kids you think you will do things a certain way.  Then you HAVE the kid...and it all goes out the window.  So here are my confessions.  10 things that are "questionable" that I do as a mother...

10. At least 2...maybe 3 times Jack has played in the backyard and had completely filthy hands.  He comes in, sits in his highchair for dinner, and goes to town eating with his hands.  About 5 minutes into the meal I notice just how gross his hands are but you that point...the damage is done. up little buddy.  Dirt never hurt anyone (that I know of and if it ever HAS...just let me remain ignorant please :) )

9.  Pretty sure Jack slept on the same sheet for at least a month once.  I can remember to change our sheets...because I sleep in them.  And usually when I change OUR sheets, he's napping soooo...yeah not going to touch that.  Just can't remember to change his.  One day day.

8.  On that note.  Back in the day Jack would sometimes leak through his diaper at night.  When this happened I would change his pj's and his diaper and then throw a thick blanket over the peed on sheet so that he could sleep dry again.  Way too tired to mess with changing his sheet in the middle of the night.  Plus, he gets really mad if you set him down on the floor when he's half awake.  Like really mad.  So, our system worked...more or less.  Once though Jason pulled the blanket out of the crib not knowing my system and I proceeded to put Jack into bed TWO nights...on a dry pee pee sheet...before I remembered that the sheet had been peed on.  He had sweet pee scented dreams for two nights.  :-p

7. I let my kid watch TV.  And he loves it.  And I don't feel guilty.  I mean not hours on end but yeah...a half hour here and there.  Bring it.

6.  We have one bottle because Jack breastfed for the first year of his life.  Now he takes his milk before naps and bed in that one bottle.  Sometimes I don't wash it out after every use.  Sometimes I just rinse it, make sure it looks mostly clean and call it good.

5.  Jack eats a decent amount of fruits and vegetables but...he eats processed food too.  Like graham crackers...and gold fish crackers...and other things I can't even think of.  Again.  I feel no guilt.

4.  I don't always seat belt him into the cart.  First the seat belt placement on those carts at the store are really weird.  Second...he's not a jump ship type of kid.  Doesn't move from his spot.  Third, I'm close enough to him that I would imagine I'd see what he's doing before he gets out (I don't ever walk away from the cart leaving him there).  One day I'm sure I won't be able to get away with this buuuut...I do it.

3.  When Jack drops his binky I blow it off and call it good....even in public.  Exception to that rule...downtown SF streets, public restrooms, and Muni (public trans).  Blak.

2.  Sometimes I give into his wants just because he is SO DARN CUTE and how do you say no to that oogy boogy cutey baby weetle wuver face?!?  I also figure now is the time to spoil a kid if I'm going to do it.  He doesn't remember much and it'll be too expensive to indulge with more then one child.  :)

1b.  I start looking forward to Jack's bedtime at oh...4:00pm.  It's funny how you can love someone SO much and simultaneously want to be away from them haha.  Even more so do I love seeing that little bouncy face in the long as it's after 7am.  :)

1a.  This one deserves two parts.  On the weekends I sometimes fake being deep asleep when Jack wakes up at the butt crack of dawn.  Jason is a much lighter sleeper and will usually wake up and get him...though I know he would LOVE to sleep in.  Sshhhh.  Don't tell.  (Sometimes it IS legit though.  Those nights at least when I stay up way too late doing orders.)

And that's it!  10...well 11 Mama Confessions.  :)

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  1. Loved your honest Anna. Looking forward to getting back into the blogging world. :D