Tuesday, October 21, 2014

The Missing Debit Card (insert sad face)

Can I tell you how many posts I have waiting in my draft box?!?


And why are they not posted for all to see?

Because I have apparently turned into a crotchety, cranky lady who is apparently a little negative at the moment. 

You don't want to be reading that.
So be thankful that I have even a speck of discernment and chose to let them simmer as drafts...where they belong!  :)

Anyways, what's up guys?!?
How you been?
Good good.

Just thought I'd let you know that I lost my debit card today...stellar.
Well, it was yesterday.
Sometime after Safeway but before I got home.
Really that leaves the library.  Plllleeease be there pleeeease!

Yeah, I figured this out when I was at the pharmacy counter trying to pay for my SECOND set of UTI antibiotics.  Because the 1st set didn't work.  And of course this set is more because they always recommend the cheap generic thing first and when that doesn't work they bust out the big guns...and big guns COST MORE!  And can we talk about how annoying it is to make a wasted trip when you have a kid?  I mean the loading and unloading of the carseat (is carseat really TWO words?) almost makes me want to poke out my left eye.  I mean seriously.  Public trans guys.  What will I do if we ever move from this place?  I'll actually have to put children in carseats EVERY time I need to run an errand.  And what if we have more then ONE child?!?  Aaaaaaaahhh!  Worst nightmare.

Oh well.  Wasn't able to pay for the antibiotics, went home to look for card, couldn't find it, realized the 3 things that HAD to be done today...all that involved money.  Loaded Jack in the car, trucked across town to my bank...which is at USF and has NO parking, finally got cash, went and ran my errands and was some how able to keep Jack awake even though it was totally passed his nap time.  Score. 

So that's been my day so far.  Still haven't gone back to get the antibiotics.  That's saved for after Jack wakes up.  Phew.

Anyways, just thought I'd stop by this little space and make my presence known.  Still hanging in there.  My pending Halloween orders are a leetle long and slightly overwhelming but they are getting done...and I'm still having fun :)! 

And that's it.
No pictures.
Just a bunch of nonsense words.
But you know you liked it.

I'm out!

***DEBIT CARD FOUND!!!  And would you like to know where?!?  At the stinking pharmacy that I supposedly originally realized that I had "lost" my debit card.  I basically feel like an idiot.  I know exactly what happened.  I took my debit card out to pay...where she then proceeded to ask for my insurance card.  I guess I set down my debit card to look for the insurance card.  Then went to take my debit card out of my wallet...again.  And thought that it wasn't there and that I had lost it.  When I went to pick up my Rx this evening they had taped my debit card to my meds.  Duuuuh.  The best part is that I verbally said, "Oh no!  I don't have my debit card!!!"  Looked for it, told her I had to run home to get it, and THEN LEFT IT ON THE COUNTER right in front of the lady.  She probably thought I was the biggest doof ever.  The ONLY thing that half makes me feel better is the fact that the counter had this weird ad on it that was the exact same color as my debit card...so you know, it was totally camouflaged ;).  That and I was making sure that my crazy 16 month didn't pull down all the bottles of cough syrup and start "organizing" them.  So you know...there WAS the distraction factor.  So there you have it.  The debit card is found.  And I feel a little dumb.  But it's found sooooo, I'll take it!

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