Friday, November 7, 2014

Lately: A Friday Post

Happy Friday friends!

Jason has a little lull between his sessions and thus has FOUR days straight off...which is straight up glorious.  He's been out of the home about 12-13 hours of the day lately and this Mama is tired...and would like to see the guy for more then a hour a day.  :)

  • So let's start this out right and talk about the fruit fly that has been plaguing my life lately.  Seriously.  It's been flying around our house for the last week and the thing is so wispy and hard to see that I can't follow it to kill it.  It's always buzzing around my face when I'm trying to eat.  Then I put my hands up all stealth like, smack them together and say, "HaHA!  I GOT you this time...only to see that has once again evaded me."  It's going down.
  • Jason has ONE month left of his job.  ONE.  I'm really trying my best not to panic.  I mean I'm not really a panicky person.  For the most part it is easy to trust God.  He has been so very faithful to us and why would He stop now?  But then I start thinking...usually at night.  Things are so much worse at night right?  Jack has been doing these once a night wakeups (not every night though) and he's just now getting a little separation anxiety.  Am I right or is it waaaaay harder to let them cry it out when they are older?  When they are crying out "maaammmaaa".  Basically I'm not tough enough.  So I try to put him down on his own and if he can't handle the thought of me leaving his side (ha!) I will go back in and lay next to his crib.  Apparently that's enough.  Sooooo tangent.  It's during these moments where I can start freaking out.  Like what if he doesn't find a job?  Unemployment isn't enough to keep us in our rental alone.  Do I need to find a job?  Will we move back down south?  How will Jack handle it?  Blah blah blah.  Lovely eh?
  • It's feeling like fall.  The air has changed.  It has that little crisp punch and the sunlight looks...fallish.  I think we may be staying here in SF for Thanksgiving.  It's just a lot to go down south for both Thanksgiving and Christmas.  A lot of $$$.  Especially not knowing our financial future.  See above point.  :)  SOOOO...that means I will be making our Thanksgiving dinner which I'm not going to lie...I'm a leetle excited for.  Boo yah!  Have any amazeball recipes?
  • Parenthood.  Do you guys watch it?  I do...when I can stay awake.  I've been watching them online because apparently I can't make it to 10pm worth beans.  I'm so sad it's ending.  And I really want to watch last nights episode.  :)
  • Can I just say that I think Jack is hilarious.  I mean, I know he's my kid but I am genuinely entertained by him most of the day.  The way his mind works cracks me up.  Like he tries to "hide" from me.  He goes and squats in a place that is quite visible...but tucks his head down so his chin is touching his chest.  Apparently if he can't see me...then I surely can't see him.  Ha!
  • So I have hoards of scrap felt.  Anyone got a good idea on what I could do with it...other then chuck it.  Because that's what I'm about to do.  :)
And that concludes my bullet post.  Hope everyone have a maaaarvelous weekend. 


  1. There's a woman in the Bay Area Modern Quilt Guild that collects fabric scraps (even tiny ones) to use for stuffing for cat beds for a rescue shelter. I bet she'd love to take your scrap felt for that purpose.

  2. How small are the scraps? Could you make scrapy felt bunting?

  3. Wow bunting!!! Yes! Or stuff new creations, like light sabers and whatnot.