Friday, November 21, 2014

This is a good one that you definitely want to read....

I don't even know what to title this.


"Don't Blog about it Until it's REALLY Been Confirmed and True."
How's THAT for a title?  Ha!

Do you remember THIS post?
It was the post where I gave a little update on what's been going on lately...including an early miscarriage that I "had."



April Fools?

Cause guess what!?!  Still pregnant.

Your mouth is probably hanging open right now.
Well close it and I will tell you the full story. 

So we found out that we were pregnant on my birthday (Aug 26)!  I thought...oh what an awesome birthday present.  I had a bit of a feeling that something would happen though.  I thought maybe I'd lose it but wasn't sure what to attribute the feeling to.  Maybe I am just paranoid from our first miscarriage.  We found out right at 4 weeks.  At 5 weeks I started spotting and then maybe at 6 weeks or so I had a lot of blood.  This was the "miscarriage" I posted about...a little prematurely.  I thought though that it didn't seem like as much as my first miscarriage before Jack.  I was also farther along with the 1st one then this one.  So I waited for more blood (tmi?).  For the miscarriage to finish.  I went back to spotting.  Sometimes heavier.  Sometimes light.  I figured my body was having trouble finishing the job.

About 3 days after the "miscarriage" that I thought I had/was having I started to get abdominal pain.  It started around 9pm.  It intensified.  I tried to go to bed.  I couldn't.  It got worse and worse.  The pain was horrible.    I threw up, I blacked out at least twice...all on the bathroom floor while the rest of the house slept.  Finally I thought, "What if it's ectopic?"  That would explain the pain, the spotting, etc.  So I called the Triage line at around 1am and asked her what she thought.  She told me, "You're just miscarrying.  Take a high amount of ibuprofen and ride it out."  I of course told her that I've HAD a miscarriage...and though I may BE miscarrying eventually...this is not the moment that it's happening, that it's not that kind of pain.  Basically she seemed annoyed and said, "Well, you can either go to the ER or call your doc tomorrow."  She was confident though that it wasn't ectopic and so with the peace of mind that my fallopian tube wasn't about to explode I went back to my place on the bathroom floor.  (I also chose not to dope up on Ibuprofren...being well aware that you shouldn't take that while pregnant.  There was this small voice inside of me that might still be pregnant...don't take it.  So I didn't.)  Eventually the pain intensified in one area, peaked, and subsided...and I woke up around 3am on the bath mat to Jack crying.

When I was getting Jack back down that's when it hit me.  The pain was exactly like a ruptured ovarian cyst.  It never even crossed my mind because I was still "technically" pregnant and for whatever reason I figured it wasn't possible to have one happen while pregnant.  I've had maybe 4 or 5 in my life.  This one was absolutely the worst.  Bar none.

The next morning I called my dr. and she was totally concerned and ordered me to the hospital for an ultrasound and blood test.  Because it was so last minute I had nobody to watch Jack and Jason was at work.  So off we went.  I still figured that I had lost the baby.  So, I was called in, I had the ultrasound while I tried to appease Jack with every delectable snack I could come up with and lo and behold...there was our itty bitty baby with a HEARTBEAT!  A stinking heartbeat! 

I was floored.
I immediately texted Jason and he was in awe.

Blood tests came back fine.  All was more or less fine.  I was still spotting though which they didn't love and considered me high risk. 

So at 8 weeks I went to my first actual prenatal appt with my doctor and everything was good.  Except that I ended up having an Asymptomatic Strep B UTI???  Go figure.  I've had to take two rounds of antibiotics for that (and I'm still waiting for the results to see if it's FINALLY gone) and I also have to have antibiotics while giving birth.  Boo.

Had my 12 week and 16 week appointment and all has been fine.  The spotting is gone. 

So the sum of it is that nobody REALLY knows what happened that night.  My doctor is assuming that it was a very large cyst.  I guess they have to be pretty big to cause bleeding which I believe since I've never had bleeding with my other ruptured cysts.  The problem is that once I got the ultrasound the cyst was gone so there really was nothing to see.  Whatever happened though it seems to be linked to the bleeding.  It peaked right before that happened and has tapered off since.

And YES!  You can have a ruptured ovarian cyst while pregnant.  FYI.


There's the story.  That's the full explanation behind how I thought miscarried (but didn't) and then ended up ok.  Weird but wonderful.  And we thank God so very much for this little one. 

And next time...I'll be a little slower to spout off info on this here blog, ha!

I wasn't sure how long I wanted to wait to let the cat out of the bag.  Honestly I kinda panic every time I tell someone because my mind automatically thinks something might go wrong and that's ONE more person to have to explain it to.  Paranoid much?  I thought I might never tell the internet world and just one day have another baby...but that would probably be a little weird haha. 



I'm just about 17 weeks along.

Baby is due the very beginning of May!!!  <3


  1. Terrific news! You'll soon be a family of 4 - how wonderful!!

  2. Ahhhh!!!!! I'm so excited for you!!!!!!! Praise God!!!! I'm due May 15!!!!!!! But we've been keeping it under wraps due to the high volume of miscarriages we've heard about lately. Little nervous abut managing two. . bit you rocked the first trimester with tons of orders and everything! Go Mommy!!!!

  3. Oh Anna I am SO happy for you guys! Congratulations! And, I'm so glad you and baby are okay. Those scares are the worst. Hugs and cheers to your sweet family!