Monday, September 23, 2013

One of those Days

Saturday.  Ah yes, Saturday.

I haven't had "one of those days" in a very long time.  Things have been rollin' pretty smoothly around these parts.  That and it takes a bit to rile me yeah.  Saturday was luh-vuh-ley.  Not.

So, I'm cruising to work (I work Fridays and Saturdays).  It's looking to be a rainy day in the making.  I'm about 3/4 of the way to work (I commute about 20 miles south of San Francisco...aka at least a 45 min drive because of Bay Area traffic) and I start thinking about how lame it would be if I forgot a piece of my breast pump.  I'm thinking about what a disaster that would be when all of a sudden I stop and think to myself...wait...did I even grab my pump at all?  I slowly look over to the passenger seat of my truck and what do you freaking pump.  Yeah, let's worry about missing parts of the pump when you FORGOT THE WHOLE DARN THING.  I had to open the office so I kept driving, opened everything up, explained to my doctor that I have no brain and there is no way I can go 7 hours without pumping (she has 2 kids and she breast fed so she was completely compassionate).  After everything is settled and dandy in the office I proceed to drive aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaall  the way back to San Francisco.  And it DUMPS.  I mean dumps rain to the point that I can't see worth beans.  I'm trying my hardest to get there and back as fast as possible but it ain't happening.  I hydroplaned about 5 times...literally.  And at one point I had to slam on my brakes in what turned out to be a literal LAKE on the freeway.  A wave...seriously, a wave went over my windshield and I could not see a thing as I hydroplaned and tried to stop.  I didn't crash into the cars ahead of me...some how.  I finally make it home, get the pump, see Jason who knows not to mention anything in regard to why I could forget such an important item.  He just said, "Don't cry, you're okay."  I drove back to work.  Things were fine.  That was the worst/most stressful drive I've ever done and honestly I kinda get a rush from sketchy driving usually (I bad).

Then I spilled my lunch all over my lap.  Yeah, seriously?

Then a patient ripped into me on the phone telling me that I'm rude and that he is sick of dealing with me (I just called him to remind him of his appointment but apparently he's been dealing with someone else in the office regarding his insurance who hasn't been all that patient with him).  And that was it.

I cried like a big fat baby in the bathroom...and then to the doctor.

And then at the end of the day I came home and I saw my lovely little fam bam and when it was all said and done...everything was a-ok.

 Nothing like a good ole' "lame day" to make you appreciate all those good days. 
And that was my Saturday.
I'm guessing yours was a wee bit better.  At least I'm hoping it was.  :)

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  1. Poo. I hate days like that. My Saturday started off all cozy-like, with all 5 of us in bed. Discussing what fun things we were going to do that day... since Trav had been working long hours the week before. Then, his phone rings. He had to go into work..."Just for an hour or so." Which turned into a 9-4 kind of day. And it rained here too. And Rhett was fussy. And I was just plain poopy-mood.