Tuesday, September 17, 2013

This & That, Here & There

A bullet post is sounding a bit good to me.  Here we go...

  • So, it's been really interesting becoming a (mostly) stay at home mom.  First off, I was totally under the impression that I would have more free time then I do.  I really thought that babies were better at entertaining themselves.  HA!  I like a clean house...as most people do.  The thing that I've had to let go of though is how I like my WHOLE house to be spotlessly clean...at the same time.  Yeah.  Not happening.  I can not clean our whole house in the time that Jack takes a nap...nor do I WANT to...since this is "Anna time".  :)  Solution!?!  We have a calendar on our refrigerator and there is now one major chore to be done each day.  Monday=bathroom. Tuesday=our room, and etc.  Every day I try to do the dishes and tidy the living room.  I've been doing it for the last few weeks and it's been working swimmingly.
    Product Details
  • Random product that I totally love.  Aden + Anais bibs!  Yes.  Awesome.  So soft, so cute.  Adorable.  Jack is a puker and quickly becoming a drooler.  These bibs are awesome.  My favorite part is that they are adjustable SNAP bibs.  I've decided that velcro is lamey-lame.  It always wears out and is no longer usable.
  •  Another adorable product that Jack possesses.  These little mocs!  Ack.  Shoot me they are so cute.  So, I'm not really a baby shoe person but San Francisco is not the warmest place on earth.  I've found that when he in the ergo his little feet that hang out get cold even with socks.  These little moxy-moccasins are just the ticket.
  •  We attend a really great church in San Francisco.  We've had some trouble getting connected though because we are/were both quite busy with our jobs.  We've done a community group and church on Sundays...but that's about it.  Even the community group has fallen by the wayside since getting pregnant and having Jack.  Tomorrow I'm going to try out a Mom's Group.  A).  I can't believe I possess the item needed to join a Mom's Group...a child.  B) I'm kinda nervous because I don't know anyone there at all.  Like no one.  I'm not really shy but I hate going to a place where you are probably the only new person.  Anyways, I would love to meet a couple of mom friends so...if you think of me, give me a little shout out to the big Father of all things eh?
  • I started work last week.  If you don't know, I'm working Friday and Saturdays.  These are the days that Jason doesn't teach.  Last week was surprisingly hard for me to leave Jack.  Especially Saturday.  I felt like I hardly saw him on Friday.  I WILL say that the ability to socialize, drink a FULL cup of coffee (while still hot), and go to the bathroom was rather nice.  Pumping every 3 hours...not so great.  Hopefully it works out in the end.  We are worried about Jason's ability to plan for his classes.  Jack takes a lot of time and Friday and Saturday are key planning days.  Who knows.  Basically I'm going to work to pay for our almost $1000 health insurance premium we pay each month (ouch).  Apparently on October 1st you can sign up to have the gov't help pay for your premiums.  We'll see what that does...?
  • Well, that's it.  Time to go clean the bathroom...cause I didn't do it yesterday.  :)

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  1. I can relate so much to this post!!!! Also love the bibs. I'm obsessed with that brand since getting some of their swaddle bankers as a gift. Great quality.

    I hope Jason works out some productivity on your work days. I have to go back to work too so my college student husband will be in the same boat!
    If your moms group doesn't work out...you might want to try BSF. I've loved my experience there and the women have been such a blessing.