Sunday, September 29, 2013

This Weekend...

This weekend...

  • was beautiful.  San Francisco falls are glorious.
  • we saved all of our pictures from our computer because this 7 year old laptop is on the verge of dying.  It's soooooo slow, makes a horrible noise when you turn it on, and spontaneously turns off on it's own.  All signs of an impending computer death.  Boo.
  • I went on a walk where my baby scuh-reamed bloody murder the whole way back.  I stopped and nursed him.  As soon as I set him down though...holy cow.  We were too far and it's not safe for me to hold him with one hand and push the stroller.  So, it was a slow walk where I walked until he was at a point where I thought he needed comforting and then I put him back in, he cried, and on and on.  BTW, he went to bed at 6:30 tonight.  I think he's a bit pooped from all that.  
  • I laughed at Jason when he said, "I think that beer had a higher level of alho-co-hol."  bahaha.  Couldn't even say the word right.  No more beer for you Jason!  :)
  • I deveined (sp?) raw shrimp for the first time and pretty much gagged the whole time.  I have no issues with raw meat but raw seafood really grosses me out.  It was yummy though.  
  • a man came home after an afternoon of lesson planning at school with a bouquet of red roses for me (that man was Jason FYI) 
And that was MY weekend.  How was yours?!?  <3

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