Wednesday, October 2, 2013


Oh this child of mine.

Just when I think I've got him nailed down and figured out he does a complete 180.  He was the sweetest, most calm little newborn.  Then around 3 weeks he started getting a bit more fussy and pretty much wanted to be held ALWAYS.  Then 2 1/2 or so months rolled around and he became easy, smiley, and happy once again...oh and he was sleeping through the night.  :)

And then shortly after 3 months he decided to wake up a few times each night.  He took on this new cry that involves an ear piercing screech.  The second he's on the floor he rolls over but hates to be on his really hates it.  I think he's teething too.  The boy is keeping me on my toes.

Yesterday I was with my Jack-O from 6am-9pm...Jason worked all day and then went to his jiu-jitsu class.  Jack was so very fussy  I needed to go to the post office in the evening so I bundled him up, got him all ready, and then he proceeded to barf all over himself...and me.  Now he's wet and will be cold if I take him out.  For some reason that was all I could handle.  The crying, the fussing, the continuous never ending flow of baby puke...I did what every sane mother would do...let out a literal roar/yell of frustration.  One that scared the bejeebers out of my little wet, barfed on babe that I was holding.  So, he cried his very sad, "scared cry" (which is a sure fire way to break my heart).

In the end I felt like the world's most stellar mother.  NOT.

Call it sleep deprivation, call it whatever you want to call it.  Sometimes this mama gig is a tough one eh?

But then I woke up this morning with a sleepy little boy snuggled in next to me.  The alarm went off for Mom's Group and the little booger didn't want to wake up.  He just wanted to snuggle.  Today he was a dream.  Sweet, snuggly, not fussy.  A completely different baby.  Sometimes I just want to get into their heads.  Figure out what's up.  Either way though...fussy or sweet.  I am blessed.  Really and truly blessed to be the mama of such a sweet little man.  Baby puke and all.  :)


  1. And there you have a perfect synopsis of motherhood. :)

  2. Oh we are all up in he baby puke house too!! We have to hold him upright for 30 minutes after every feed now. Not awesome in the middle of the night. Helped us a lot though. You are a great mom! 6a-9p is a long day. You rock!