Friday, October 25, 2013

Friday Updates...

Hi all.  It's Friday!  Which means I'm off to work!?!  haha.  Weird that my "work week" starts on Friday.  My whole two day work week.  Anyways, thought I would do a few "updates" regarding...well, life.  :)

  • If you recall there was a very emotional/confused post about sleep training a couple of posts back.  I received a ton of really helpful/encouraging comments.'s it going you may ask?!?  Honestly the night time put down has been going really REALLY well (knock on wood ;) haha).  There is no crying anymore.  We are still having 2 wake ups or so a night (last night there were 3...ugh)  Nap time has been an issue though still.  I KNOW he needs a nap but he will not fall asleep with out crying.  What we end up doing is I put him down and he cries for three 5 minute intervals before I go in to put him down in our bed.  He just gets so worked up.  I don't know why he has so much trouble falling asleep on his own during the day?!?  Basically he gets worn out crying, I lie down on my bed with him and cuddle for maybe 3 minutes max and he's out for a good 2 hours or so.  Weird routine wouldn't you say?!?  I feel like I want him to learn to sleep at nap time on his own but we're just not quite there yet.  That being said I feel like we have made some progress because he was barely taking naps for a good month or so there.  I've noticed too that since taking a good nap during the day the night time process is much more smooth...maybe because he's not over tired???  So that's where we're at with that.  I've determined that I will not wake up with Jack now before 2 am.  I can't do it.  It's killing me and he does not need to eat 2-3 times a night.  I'm totally okay with one feeding but he seems to be slowly adding more and more.  Sooooo, tonight is our first night of letting him cry it out...assuming he wakes up more then once.  Which he probably will.  We'll see how that goes :)
  • I feel like I'm really enjoying being a mom.  I mean, I'd love some more sleep and a little more free time once in a while haha, but overall I'm okay not having it.  It's totally worth it really.  Being a mom is the biggest blessing I have ever experienced.  The hardest blessing...but the best.  I am just in awe that God has entrusted us with Jack.  What a great, beautiful gift he is.  I just want to serve my Lord well in motherhood.  :)
  • My house is a DISASTER!  Seriously, it's out of control.  I really need to do the dishes but once I put the boy down I just want to zone out and watch TV.  I've never been a TV watcher but it's so enticing now.  It's mind-numbingly relaxing.  Perfect.  :)
  • I am going to take advantage of hitting my deductible this year and go to the chiropractor.  I feel like since giving birth I need a few adjustments.  My hips were JACKED for a good couple of months after giving birth.  They still don't feel right but I'm not in the constant pain I was in.   My neck and lower back could use some help.  Really...I just need to be cracked and popped back into shape.  I'm a little excited!  I've only been to one in SLO because of a broken tailbone injury so hopefully I find a good one up here in SF!
  • I mentioned that I started attending a "Mom's Group" through my church in hopes that I would make some connections with other moms.  I have been faithfully going each Wednesday (even though I swear the boy sleeps HORRIBLY every Tuesday night).  I am starting to feel more comfortable and it has been really nice and totally necessary!  Community with other moms is so important.  Especially with other moms who love Jesus.  :)
  • I am ready READY to go home for Thanksgiving!  I think I just miss being around family.  I want our little man to know his grandparents...and aunts and uncles.  Anyways, Thanksgiving can't come soon enough.
Welp, that's all for now!  Hope you have a marvy harvey weekend!

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