Monday, October 21, 2013

Baby Leg Warmer Toot!

So Jacko is going to be Batman for Halloween.  I wanted to make him a pair of legwarmers to go with his onesie.  Actually I've been eyeing (did you know that "eyeing" is technically spelled "eying"?  That just looks weird though) a pair of baby leg warmers for a while but they are a bit pricey and I just couldn't justify spending money on a pair.  The idea actually came to me because I was bored and I put my knee high socks on him to make it look like he had 2 foot long legs.  :)  Yeah, these are the things I do to my baby. 

Anyways, I realized, hey!  I could totally make a pair of leg warmers.  I had the perfect pair of old knee highs that I pretty much never wear for his Batman outfit.  So I busted out these puppies and posted them on my Instagram.  :)
Anyways, they were REALLY easy.  It took a couple of tries on old holey socks of mine to get it right before I did the above pair.  I thought I'd spare you the trial and error and give you a little tutorial.  :)

So, first get yourself a pair of knee high socks.  They have super cute ones at Target for cheap.  The below one's are from Forever 21.
Cut the long top part off.  Jack is 4 months old and 10" was prefect for him with a little "scrunch" at the bottom.
So, this is where I messed up quite a few times before I got it right.  To make a nice finished edge cut the middle of the bottom part of the sock.  This is going to be your bottom "hem".  NOTE:  Avoid socks that are not even in thickness.  The sole of this sock was thicker (like some athletic socks) and I ran into problems coming you will see.  :)
Take that middle section and roll it in that both edges are lined up.
Then take the "hem piece" and line it up with the end of the sock that you cut off.
Pin the edge so that all 3 rough edges are lined up and use a some what wide zig zag stitch (messed up on that too originally haha...straight stitch does NOT work).  Sew AROUND the sock edge...don't sew the sock shut.  hehe.
And then you end up with something like this.  This will be the part that scrunches around his/her foot.
For whatever reason though because of the thick/thin part of the sock it ended up turning out a little weird.  The first pair that was an even thickness turned out great.  I actually ended up cutting the hem of this pair off and just folded it under with a zip zag stitch.  Oh well.  haha.  So, even thickness socks are shouldn't have any probs.  :)
And there you go!  The cheapest, fastest sewing project ever.  Perfect for a mama with a baby.  :)

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  1. Yay thank you! I was thinking zig zag stitch but I wasn't sure. Fun fun!!!