Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Your Opinion Matters

Ok, not really.
Just kidding.  It DOES matter...sorta.  :)


So, I have an absurd quantity of hair.  It's pretty thick but it's soooooo long right now.

And I want to CUT IT OFF.

No really.  If I get a haircut it's always extreme.  I go back and forth between letting my hair grow really long and cutting it all off.  I am currently going through the "postpartum shed".  Have mercy.  I'm slightly convinced that I'm going to go bald in the end.  I can't believe how much hair I'm losing.  Wads I tell you.  WADS!  There is hair all over my house.  I find it on Jack, on Jason.  Let's not even talk about my bathroom drain.

So, I think it's time.

There are a few hairstyles I've been looking at.  I think that I would like bangs (side bangs I guess).  I've asked Jason just how short I can go.  He doesn't long as it looks good.  haha.  Whatever that means!  :)  I feel like I really need a change.  I call it my "Mom life Crisis".  I'm a mom now and I feel like I need to spice it up a bit.

Here are some styles I've had my eye on.....

If I was brave....I would do this haircut.
cute hair!

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Ok, what do you think???  Granted some of these are very similar.  And granted I can't steal their faces...cause you know...having a gorgeous face makes it a little easier to have whatever type of haircut.  The haircut on the brunette would be by far the craziest, gutsy one.  I hate making these type of decisions.  It's hair though!  It'll grow.  So bring it on.  How crazy should I go?!?!? ;) (please ignore the wonky state these photos are in...formatting ain't my forte.)

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  1. Umm... I wish you could give me some of your gorge hair. And let's talk about the shed. I already have little to no hair and I mourn each strand that comes out in the shower!! I, personally, love the first 3 cuts. I don't think you'd want something that needs a bunch of texture, cuz your hair is so fine. You'll look darling. And hooray for flexible husbands!