Wednesday, October 16, 2013

You May or May Not Know...

Well, I'm due for a post but I'm not quite sure what to write about.  I have a "4 month Jack" draft waiting to be published but I first need to find the camera cord to add pictures.  The elusive camera cord.  Why is that thing so hard to find???

Anyways, so let's talk about ME.  :)  This is my blog and all so why not?
15 things you may or may not know about me.  :)

1) I cannot stand the sound of someone who smacks when they eat.
2) When I was in 2nd grade a dog tried to attack me and my Dad kicked it so hard that he broke his shoe...and probably the dogs ribs and I got MAD at my Dad.  haha.  Silly child.
3) I feel the prettiest in my favorite jeans and a white shirt.
4) One day I would like to make my own cheese...and sell it. :)
5) I thought that having a baby would quench my desire for more kids for a while...and yet I think it's made it worse. ;)
6) Jason and I lived in Chile for the first year of our marriage.  I think people thought we were slightly nuts but it was such an amazing experience.
7) One day I would like to get my Masters in Philosophy and teach as a lecturer (my undergrad was in Philosophy).
8) I LOVE sushi.  And I also really like beer. yum.
9) I grew up in North Carolina.
10) I lived in Chile for a year and seriously can still barely speak Spanish.
11) I love to cook/bake.  As in I get excited to cook dinner every night...having a baby makes this complicated/almost non existent.  He's worth it though.  :)
12) I love season changes...but in the end prefer that it would always go back to 80 degree weather. 
13) My first car, and what I learned to drive in was a stick shift.  Our house was on top of one of the steepest hills in the town.  There was a stop light at the steepest part and once I actually got out when we were stopped and told a guy to get off my butt or I would hit him from rolling back.  He did too.  haha
14) I thought that working was harder then staying home as a mom...and then I had a baby and let me tell you.  Working outside of the home is WAY easier haha.  At least my job was easier.
15) I have 3 younger bro-shmos.

Have a happy Wednesday!  <3


  1. I like your hill story. I can completely imagine you doing that. And your #14 makes me feel validated. :-)

  2. Your hill story rocks.
    1)We share a similar name
    2)Ironically we are both married to a 'J' name.
    3)You live in San Francisco, that's my favorite city.
    4)We seem to both love travel
    5)The outdoors rock.
    6)I'd love to meet you some day!
    -Alright I'm done being weird.