Wednesday, September 25, 2013



Remember that 3 month post where I was all, "Jack sleeps through the night."


I take it back.

Literally, that night Jack decided that it was useful to add the 3 am feeding back in.
Then the 3 am moved to 2 am
Then 1 am...and again at 4am.
Last night it was 12:30am, 3:00am, 5:00am.  I went to bed at 11pm.  Shoot me.


I acknowledge that if you read about his age, 2-3 nightly feedings is supposedly normal.  I also acknowledge that a lady at my Mom's Group has a 6 month old and she's still having the same problem.  I am not alone.

The problem is that I have tasted the whole "sleep through the night" thing and boy is it sweet.  To go back to what feels like newborn sleep habits...makes me a little cuh-razy.

I feel delirious and slightly insane when he wakes me up at these crazy hours of the night.  I keep lying there in hopes that Jason magically grows boobs...hasn't happened yet.  I've contemplated slipping crushed estrogen pills into his dinner.  What's held me back is the fear of being caught...that and I don't know where to get them.

Crazy.  Sleep deprivation makes me nuts.

In all seriousness though...I feel myself getting really frustrated when I go in more then once per night.  I can do one a 3 am feeding.  Other then that though I kinda get P.O'ed.  I am not that mother who jumps at every moment to drink in my baby...even if it's when I should be sleeping.  No sir.  I need my sleep.

Soooooooo.  If you think of me...can you pray?  For sleep.  And even more so for patience.  I think sleep is a HUGE love of mine.  Probably unrealistically so being that I am a mom now.  The kid is genuinely eating each time he wakes up.  I'm not yet willing to deprive him/make him cry it out so in reality I can't hold it against him.  He hasn't been taught to do otherwise.  He just kinda DID the whole sleep thing on his own though...and it was so nice.  And now, well, now...yeah.  Maybe this is a growth spurt?  Please let this just be a growth spurt?!?...

Ok, enough griping about lack of sleep.
"Buck up Anna.  You're a mom.  What did you expect?  To get a full 8 hours each night?!?  HA!  Foolish girl.  Go cry to someone who cares."

Thanks guys.
That's just what I needed to hear.  :)

I'm off to go to bed a bit earlier tonight. 
Night night ya'll.  


  1. Oh man! That is ROUGH. I know what you mean, though, after having tasted the sweetness of 12 hours, it's tough to go back. Rhett started waking at 4:30-5ish a few weeks back and is still at it. I kinda would get frustrated too, but then I realized he's only 4 months old and is still doing 9-10 hrs at a time. Not too "complain-worthy." And I had to laugh about Jason growing boobs. I've TOTALLY gotten mad at Trav in my sleep deprived days (mostly with Summer, who was NOT a sleeper!) at how his boobs were completely useless. :-)

  2. Aw Anna, I'll be praying. I feel your pain. Last night at our 2 am feeding John took TWO hours to eat. The he went down for 20 minutes. 20. I've started sleeping with him on the couch (safer then bed) to get him back to sleep for the rest of the morning. Does Jack eat on a schedule during the day? We are going to TRY Babywise when the time comes...

    1. Christy! Jack kinda does...I guess. It's loose though but he definitely has a pattern now. He eats at wake up, again at around 10-11am, then he has his morning nap. Then he eats, we go out usually for a couple of hours, he eats again then has an afternoon nap, eats at wakeup and then once or twice before bed. Pretty much every 3 hours in other words. :) It's not a schedule I had any part in though...he does it himself. He's definitely slowed down on his daytime nursing...and now seems to do more at night. Though I must say I'm only up 15-20 minutes at a time. So yeah, 2 hours...I would die! But your guy is still so tiny. It'll get better for sure!!!

  3. Glenn would help me out by feeding him a bottle from my supply in the wee hours...kinda nice. We started out with 3 oz. I must admit that my boobs were jealous of the bottle sometimes, but it didn't bother me at 4am.