Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The World's Easiest, Most Impressive Dinner

I love to cook.

I think this is a known fact by now.

Jason has had some pretty darn good meals made by me...not gonna lie.  (He's also had some seriously nast meals too haha).

There is one meal though that gets a reaction from him every.time.I.make.it.

That's roast chicken with roast vegetables.

The EASIEST meal ever people.

And it's good.  Really good.

Here's what you do.  It's 5 easy steps.

1)  Go buy yourself a whole roasting chicken and some veggies.  I like to use potatoes and carrots...I also like to throw things in like parsnips and even celery if I have it.  Potatoes and carrots though are full proof and delish.

2) Preheat your oven to 425.

3) Take out the packet of goodies from the inside of your chicken (you know, all those lovely internal organs that SOMEONE must actually use since they include them).  Drizzle extra virgin olive oil on the outside of that chicken there and rub it all around.  Sprinkle with salt (somewhat liberally) and fresh ground pepper...stick in the the baking dish.

4) Cut up your veggies, coat with olive oil, and salt and pepper those suckers too.  Put them all snuggly and cozily in with your chicken.

5)  Put in oven.  Set timer and go do something super cool for 1 hour and 15 minutes or when you're thermometer says 180 when it's stuck into the chicken's ample bosom.

6)  I know, I only said 5 steps.  Ooops.  Step 6.  Watch the hubby or whoever is eating with you ooooh and awwww over the dinner that literally took 15 minutes to throw together (and minimal dishes may I add...a cutting board and a baking dish).

This is a great dinner.  The chicken is so moist and yummy...the veggies delish.  If you want a little extra salt you can throw some into the cavity of the chicken too.  yum.

Now go enjoy you some grub.


  1. This looks divine... and easy. I'm gonna try it!

  2. This looks so good! I'm always intimidated by whole chickens, never knowing what to do with them. I vow to try this! Thanks Anna!!

  3. YUM!!! I have the same recipe, although I put inside my chicken (in this order) 1/2 lemon, 1/2 garlic clump, 1/2 garlic clump, then the other 1/2 lemon. (when I say garlic clump - that is super professional for "big thing of garlic that I just chop down the middle but can't remember the word for" Maybe its not necessary since it sounds like yours works too! I use leftovers, shredded, in soup. Will there be a leftovers-edition of this post?

  4. YES! I love to stuff the cavity with goodies too. Makes it's even more yummy. I guess this was the "easy edition". And YES I never toss the carcass. Good idea Christy. :) Maybe there will be a "What to do with the carcass" edition! :)

  5. Why have I not tried this before???? Putting it on my "must try" list. Thanks!! I'm drooling now btw...