Saturday, October 20, 2012

Your Opinion Please...


So, I'm not very adventurous in my clothing choice.  I think that a good pair of jeans with a cute white shirt and maybe a funky scarf is the perfect outfit.  I dress like Jennifer Aniston here (minus the hat) pretty much everyday that I can.  By the way...she regularly calls me for style advice.  I try to tell her that I have confidence in her ability to coordinate an outfit but she still relies on me to keep her lookin' good for the paparazzi.  It's a big job but someone's gotta do it.  HA!

Moving on.

So, we have been very frugal around these parts for a couple of years here.  Clothing was not in the budg.  Now that we have 2 incomes I've been slowly rotating clothes out that have got to go and purchasing some new stuff here and there.

Today at Target.  I got a skirt.  It's a maxi skirt.  I'm cool with maxi's.  I have a white and grey stripey one that I'm rather a fan of.  That one though hits the waist.  THIS one though...I think (the waist is TINY and the skirt is way too long to hit at the waist), is meant to sit higher.  In the dressing room I thought is was a little adventurous for me...but cute so why not. Jeans aren't allowed at work so if it can be worn at work it's even better.

Now that I have it home though...  I'm having second thoughts.  I can't decide if it should be worn with a belt (a fat one or skinny one), or if it should be worn plain or if it is just weird and should be returned all together.  I don't want to be walkin' around like some wannabe stylish fool who's totally missing the mark.  :)  So, whatchya think?

No Belt...with scarf.

No Belt...sweater. Hmmm.  Not sure what I think about this one.

Skirt with Fat Belt
Fat belt with jean jacket???
How about a skinny belt???
And since it's hard to tell from the pics this is the "texture".  It's a cotton pleated knit type of thingy.

Alright, now that we all know how awkward I look trying to take pictures of myself in an outfit...  What do you think?  Keep it?  Take it back?  It was $20.  Is it worth it?  Ready.Set.Go!


  1. I've never met you but I am friends with Jenny "Jeffrey" Fugler and found your blog through hers. As far as fashion sense, I have none! So, for what its worth, my fav is the skinny belt.

  2. Haha! I like the skirt and can imagine myself wearing that. I have that same fat belt and love it - well, I did until my stomach started expanding. I also like the skinny belt. You can pull it off... is what I think. :-)

  3. I say keep it, it is so versatile! My favorite look out of your pics is the fat belt with the jean jacket. Comfy, casual, but easily dressed up!

  4. Okay. LOVE maxi skirts. Keep it. Plus, it's black so it will go with everything! I like yours with either of your belts. Or you could tuck in a blouse if you own one...I love that look too!! Keep experimenting but overall I think it's super cute!

  5. Hi Anna! Love this post...I've been texting my friends pictures of myself and asking for opinions for years! lol =) I say...thin belt, with a long necklace, and jean jacket. Or, go REALLY crazy, and add a vest. =D Either way...every one of those outfits looked great on you! Keep it!