Wednesday, October 3, 2012

You Bake Me Happy Wednesday--October

Oh hey now.  Guess what!?


The first Wednesday of the month where I, me, myself, yours truly, bakes you something delish and sends it to you in the mail...for gratis (that's free in espanol if you weren't sure).  :)

Wanna know the reasoning behind this madness???  Well, how boutchya read The Full Story behind You Bake Me Happy Wednesday!

The sum of it is...I LOVE to bake.  I LOVE to give people my baked goods.  I mean really, is there anything better than a homemade, from scratch, little morsel of goodness that didn't involve you stirring a spoon or turning on your own oven?  I.think.not.  Thus, I bake for you and mail it to your lovely house for you to eat and fill your belly.  yum.

So, here are the details...

Being we are now in October I decided the thing that screams fall and comfort and all together coziness are quick breads.  You know, pumpkin bread, banana bread, coffee cake, you get the picture.
So, all you have to do is leave a comment with the treat that you would be overjoyed to have show up on your doorstep. Bring on the breads.  Banana, cranberry, pumpkin, cinnamon streussel, name it.  And if I pick your name (very randomly of course) I will mail you said treat (so you better pick wisely).  Por ejemplo: Say my name is Ruby and I left a comment saying that I would love pumpkin bread with cinnamon drizzle icing to show up on my doorstep.  If I choose Ruby, then I will mail her pumpkin bread with cinnamon drizzle icing.  Understand?  Bueno.

The little drawing ends Sat at noon!  So comment before then.  Sat evening I'll let ya know who the lucky winner is!


So, what yummy, sugary (or maybe not so sugary), delish bread would YOU want to magically appear on your doorstep???  Ready.Set.Go!

Side Note:  I have no idea if there even ARE readers that I personally don't know reading this but if there are you are included in this too.  Yes, I will mail free baked goods to a complete stranger.  Don't be shy.  So long as you promise not to sue me for food poisoning.  Not that I've ever given anyone food poisoning...haha.  Ok, yeah.  Side not done. 

And just in case you need some "quick bread" are a few delightful one's on Pinterest.

quick bread recipes

Blueberry Quick Bread
Oh my yum.  Source
Cinnamon quick bread
Cinnamon Quick Bread.  Source


  1. Oh, my goodness, Anna! I love me some bread!!! So if I had my druthers I would love some pumkin bread with a cinnamon sugary topping like in the last picture of your blog of the cinnamon quick bread. YUM!! Thanks Anna!!! I hope we win. :)

  2. What a great idea! I'm gonna say...gingerbread! I know, it's a little early in the year for Christmas-ey stuff,'s just SO GOOD! =D

  3. banana with chocolate chips and walnuts. one of these times I WILL WIN! :)

  4. mmmmm! a cinnamon bread! or a lemon bread! Either with a lovely drizzle icing on it!

  5. Pumpkin bread with a cinnamon-sugar top! MmmmMm!
    P.S. You are awesome for doing this!

  6. That pumpkin bread you just mentioned with cinnamon drizzle just made my mouth water! And I'm pretty sure my girls would gobble it up right with me! What a fabulous idea!

  7. I love this, absolutely genius!!! Coffee cake sounds lovely or something like it. :)

  8. Bread is my weakness! I'd have to request Pumpkin Bread with cream cheese icing/topping! This is awesome!

  9. What a fun idea Anna! If I could pick ANY bread, it would be lemon blueberry. Boom. Hope I win. :)

    PS- I'm a new follower btw. You are even more hilarious than I remember you in HS!

  10. Something lemon-y poppyseed-y.... yummy!!!!