Saturday, September 1, 2012


I've been rockin' this blog lately huh?  Yeah, I pretty much told myself, "Blog, or shut it down."  So, I'm trying to be more intentional...really because when it's all said and done I like blogging.  What's the fun in a month with no posts? 

I have grits cooking right now.  Yum.  I love grits.  It must be my childhood raised in the south.  We skipped dinner because we had BBQ at this place in Pacifica.  It was a TON of food and no hunger was had once dinner time rolled around.  Now that it's 10:30pm though I'm ready for a little snack.

My house is gloriously clean today.  It took most of the day but it was in need of one of those "deep cleans".  Included in this of course was a mopped kitchen floor.  As I was taking down the above mentioned grits from the cupboard I thought to myself, "wouldn't it be lame if I dropped this on my sparkly clean floor?"  2.3 seconds later I drop it.  Grits everywhere. Really? 

So, did you ever see that weird movie The Secret Life of Bees?  Well, as punishment Dakota Fanning's character is forced by her dad to stand on her knees in a pile of grits on the floor.  She has to do this for quite a while and ends up with bloody knees.  I thankfully had never heard of this (Jason was sure I had since I grew up in the south). Anyways, looking down at the pile of grits all over my clean floor I decided to try it.  You know, they were already on the floor so why not?  It hurts, just so you know.  I didn't even put my full weight for more than  3 seconds.  And skin where the grits were in contact burns now.  Weird.

Grits, good for the belly...and apparently a some what legit torture device.  Who'da thunk???

Just thought I'd tell you about that.  :)

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