Friday, September 28, 2012

I Don't...

I saw this somewhere on someones blog who knows how long ago.  (Such specificity, no?).  Anyways, you list off your "don'ts".  Just another fun way to learn more about a person I guess.  SO, here we go...

I don't drive a new car (1989 Toyota pickup to be exact).
I don't like getting gas.
I don't always make complete stops at stop signs.  Yikes.  Sorry Dad!  :)
I don't have a desire to buy a house.  By the way, why is this may I ask?
I don't like decorating my house but I like the finished product OF a decorated house.  hmmmm.
I don't like the feel of lotion.
I don't like to wear shoes.
I don't eat breakfast.
I don't floss my teeth every night. Oops.  Sorry Mr. Dentist.
I don't take painkillers when I'm in pain. (Usually. :)  )
I don't do the dishes every night...more like every other.
I don't wear perfume.
I don't leave the house without a coat of mascara on my blond eyelashes.
I don't wear accessories.  (I seriously try and want to but I think I just need to give up)
I don't like to crochet/knit (though I LOVE crochet/knitted products).  *sigh*
I don't go cheap on shoes.
I don't wake up easily and when I do it's a sloooooow process.
I don't drink soda.
I don't know how to ride a unicycle.  Do you?  :)
I don't buy pants if it means I have to hem them.  (Did I mention I have really short legs?)
I don't watch T.V.  ( I so would if we had cable though...hence, no cable.)
I don't listen to music when I drive.  (usually).
I don't mind being silent with someone.
I don't like melon, lemon flavor, or eggs.
I don't remember movies after I've seen them.
I don't laugh at jokes usually.  (I don't get them half the time and when someone has to break it down and explain it...not funny anymore).
I don't snore. (or so Jason says).
I don't like too soft of a bed (when I was a kid I'd get out of bed and sleep on the floor).
I don't have much hearing in my left ear.
I don't shave my legs regularly.
I don't use transitions when shifting to a new topic during conversation.
I don't hold a grudge.
I don't pray nearly enough as I would like
I don't like picking out clothes for work.
I don't...
I don't think I can think of one more, "I don't".  :)

Happy Friday!

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