Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Here and There.

Got me some pics on the camera that I thought was about time to "dump".  So, "dump" I will do!

Did you know that it was my day of birth a couple of weeks back?  Yeah, it was.  28 years of age.  Anyways, the man decorated the house and helped me celebrate my b-day.  We started the day with a hike.  My co-workers thought I was psycho being that we had just returned 4 days before from a backpacking trip.  Meh.  Whatev.  I like the outdoors ok!?  :)  
 Lunch time.  We found this lovely spot.  Truly serene...although my camera really doesn't do it justice.  :)

Not entirely sure what's happening here but I look truly albino.  Truly. 

 Oh, it's just the Golden Gate Bridge that we have to cross to get back home.  NBD.  :)

 Decorations!!!  Yay.  Ok, so the balloon.  Let's chat about the balloon.  The balloon sings.  As in, Elmo's voice sings Happy Birthday every time you hit the balloon.  Awesome.   I thought it was cute and funny when I first saw it.  Having Jason hit it and make it sing with it's high pitch Elmo-ey voice at 7am when you just woke up and certainly have not had your coffee yet...not so cute and funny.

 I decided that for my birthday cake this year we would try out one of San Francisco's many yummy bakeries (visiting bakeries=joy of my life).  Sift is the name and it was the sweetest shop.  So cute.  I wanted to go to this shop because I was told that they had a beer batter cupcake with salted caramel frosting...topped with paprika dusted candied bacon.  How's THAT!?  It was delightful.  Seriously yummy.  Even the paprika dusted candied bacon. :)  yum.

 So, although it was tempting to gorge on 4 cupcakes at one time we managed to save 1...yes, only 1...and brought it home for later.  Jason crammed it with candles when I wasn't in the room and turned out the lights.  He serenaded me quite well.   :)  And THAT folks, was my birthday.  A lovely one at that!

And on a completely different note.  I demand you make these onion rings.  Seriously, just do it.  You will not regret it.  They were amazing and I've been thinking about them since Sunday...seriously.  I know...I have issues.

I made a pie too.  Since summer does not exist in San Francisco I thought I'd make something that screamed summer even though the cold foggy weather outside is screaming, "put on your ugg boots and jacket".  Boo on you San Francisco.  Anyways, a berry pie seemed very summery. 

And finally, a little birthday treat I was able to purchase.  I'm not a huge shopper.  I mean I like clothes alright and I like to feel pretty blah blah blah.  I have a really hard time though finding things that I love.  I just like unique cuts, fun patterns, etc and sometimes have trouble attaining such things.  I LOVE Anthropologie.  L.O.V.E.  I do not love their prices.  Boo.  I've tried on many things before for fun but have never actually purchased anything there (mostly because I lived far away from one and because we ain't loaded)  But for a birthday treat I was able to get a little something.  The front is cute right...but not amazing.  But then look, just look at that orange bow on the back.  Yay.  I'm such a sucker for random details like that.  There is also orange contrasting stitching through out the shirt but it's hard to see.  Anyways my first "Anthro" product.  Do I get to call it Anthro now since I've purchased from there?!  :)  Just wondering. 

Have a great rest of the week all!  <3

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