Saturday, September 8, 2012

The "You Bake Me Happy" Winner!

It's time to pick the winner of the very first You Bake Me Happy Wednesday!  Not sure what that is?  Scroll down to the post below and you will see.  :)

So, has chosen number...

drum roll please...

excitement building...

oh the anticipation...

chosen #4.

Which means my lucky winner is: 

ME!  haha, totally kidding...although I am the 4th comment.  :)  But I guess I don't count eh?

Anyways, the real winner is:

Jenny: Ooh, I love peanut butter blossom cookies too. But my favorite are chocolate chip - but really chewy, gooey, LOADED with milk Chocolate chips. :-) 

Seriously, though I wanted to bake all your cookies.  Some of them I'd never even heard of.  So exciting.

Anyways, the goods will be baked tomorrow and sent out on Monday!  Hope you enjoy them Jenny!

Have a great weekend everyone! 

1 comment:

  1. YIPEE!!! I'm so pumped for this!! You're going to make my week, I just know it! Danke, Anna. My curvacious thighs thank you in advance.