Monday, January 7, 2013

17 weeks

Let's start out with some bump pics.  Seriously, isn't that what you REALLY want to see...secretly hoping that the girl is ballooning up like the Goodyear blimp.  Wait, no?  That's just me?  Shoot.
Super early on---I think 5 or 6 weeks.  (aka flat lil' tummy)
14 weeks...I think (new mattress still on the floor)
16 Weeks (bed FINALLY set up...yeah)

I'm just over 17 weeks.

Both those pics are taken in the morning.  I figure that's "just plain bump" time.  By the end of the day I feel/look twice that size.  Seriously weird.  I guess all that food/water/gravity from the day does something to ya.  :)  And taking a side angle picture?  Awkward x's 10.

We find out the gender in a little less than 2 weeks.  Crazy dude.  They also do a full scan of organs and all that jazz.  That sounds very cool and exciting...and yet it makes me super nervous.  Bah.

We have no preferences really.  I imagine a boy for some reason and almost every friend I have thinks it's a boy too.  Jason's voting for a girl.  I have no gut feeling one way or another.

No cravings really.  Food is more desirable but I still have times when nothing sounds good...and yet I'm still hungry.

The last dr. appt I had 3 weeks ago...I had gained 3 lbs.  Yay me.  :)  The gym scale is now telling me it's a solid 5 lbs.  I'm pretty sure that most of those lbs are found in one primary location.  I'll give you a hint.  They're above the rib cage and there are two of them.  Holy cow dude.  For real.

I haven't felt the babe move yet.  There were a couple of instances this last week while I was falling asleep that I kinda thought maybe it was the little dude or dudette moving...but it could have been gas for sure. :)

I'm suddenly very thirsty and my throat is DRY as a bone all the time.

Foods that I DO lean toward when I do WANT food...every and all vegetables, bananas, greek yogurt, and pears.  Pretty much the same foods I normally eat.  Don't hate me.  I know it's healthy.  Sweets and coffee...little to no desire for it.

My current favorite product...that I think I would die if didn't exist...METAMUCIL!  'Nuff said on that topic.  :)

Overall, I'm feeling a great deal better.  Nausea here and there and a bit more energy.  Yay for that!


  1. Well, I think I've gained about 11 lbs just since being home in CA. :-) And tell me more about Metamucil. I know nothing!

  2. Really Jenny, you and Metamucil are not BFF's?!? Ok, so here are the deets...and it's prob. a total TMI. I have always been uber know...BM wise. Like I kinda took a lot of pride in it. (Yeah, I'm weird). Anyways, then I came across the very unpleasant side effect of pregnancy called...constipation. For me...that was torture. I felt so uncomfortable and bloated and yeah. My doc recommended giving Metamucil a whirl. We tried the cheap Target version first...not effective. The real brand though, Metamucil...golden. 1 tsp. in water each night and boo yah! I'm regular again...going once sometimes twice (if I'm lucky) a day. Beautiful I tell ya...beautiful. And there you have it. Metamucil. It does miracles. ( takes a couple of days of taking it though to go into "effect". If you really need help you can take it 2 x's a day. But once seems to do the trick for me). All this assumes you are actually HAVING this above mentioned problem. hehe.

  3. Hahaha.... okay. Not having that problem (and never have), and had no idea that was what it was for. Sorry for asking in such a public forum! :-) But thanks for the tips! - p.s. signed into my mom's account. :)