Saturday, January 19, 2013

It's a....


We are rather happy to have ourselves a little man.  :)

I had an odd feeling from the beginning that he was a "him".
Jason was holding out for a little girl...but is of course not disappointed.

The ultrasound was crazy cool...we got to see the little babe in 4D.  Amazing.  He was taking his morning nap and so it was really easy to see all that we needed to see.  Everything looks good and there was most definitely no doubt that it was a BOY.  hehe.  Even I, with my untrained eye, could tell right off that it was a little dude.  

They moved my due date up a week...because he's measuring a little big.  But he's been measuring a week ahead from the beginning so now it's just more official (but what's a due date in the end anyways right?)  :) 

Anyways...bring on all things "boy"!  :)


  1. I'm so happy. Wish I could say I think we're having boys together... but I'm guessing another lady for myself. They can grow up and be betrothed to one another. :-)

  2. Oh yay! I was looking for a future wife for our little man. Now it's done. Phew. Check THAT off the list. :) And we can be one big happy family. Unless your girl is a boy...than they can be BFF's and roll in the dirt together...or whatever it is that little boys do together for fun. :)

  3. Wait I thought you betrothed your son to my daughter. I'll let you know in a few weeks. If its a boy then Jenny can have dibs.

  4. Well I figure that if Jenny has a boy than he can marry your girl. :) And Jenny's kinda long distance so in reality it might not work out anyways...even if she HAS a girl. Let's be honest. Long distance relationships are kinda hard. :)