Monday, January 14, 2013

My Face

So, I'm picky.

Not about all things.  Like food.  Well...okay, I like GOOD food, quality food.  But I'm not picky about flavors of foods.  Anyways.  I'm picky with clothing, home decor, colors, and etc.  I'm also SUPER picky with make-up.  First, I wore mascara through out high school...but that was it.  I didn't learn how to put eyeliner on until my wedding.  Seriously.  Like I practiced for a month before haha.  I have recently (with in the last 3-5 years) started latching on to certain beauty products...that I LOVE.  Wanna know how I know I love them?  Because I've tried a lot of stuff (to my financial demise) and have thus thrown out/returned a lot of stuff that didn't cut it.  Anyways, I so very much adore my daily routine of products I thought I would share it with YOU.  Yes, I know.  You're welcome. 

This multi-purpose superstar does triple duty: it's a moisturizer, sunscreen, and luminizer!I am a FREAK about lotions.  As in I HATE them.  I do not like my skin feeling oily or suffocated in any way, shape, or form.  Putting sunscreen on me as a child was a nightmare.  I refused to use it.  Blak.  I still hate it to be honest but have since grown up...a little.  Anyways, for years I walked around with a dry face.  Did I care if it looked dry and flaky?  Heck no I didn't.  It felt clean and fresh and my little pores were free as a bird.  That's all that mattered.  Anyways, since I'm now pretty much an adult :)  I've realized that it's kinda not so attractive to have a flake face.  So, I have tried...probably 10 facial products with sunscreen and these are the two I LOVE.  (I still can't do full on foundation, yuck, yuck).  On a daily basis (i.e. non-special occasions) I use Stila Illuminating Tinted Moisturizer (Sephora).  It is light as a feather and has the lightest shimmer/tint.  Love it!  Seriously.

As a thicker, Anna's version of foundation, I love Cover Girl Natureluxe Tinted Moisturizer.  This is a tad thicker and has a bit more color so I use it when I want more coverage.  It's also very light and goes on super smooth...and it's pretty darn cheap.  The only down side is that it smells like funky play dough when you first put it on.  When it's dry are stink free!  :)

I am blond.  Did you know that?  With blond hair comes blond eyelashes.  Hence my great love of mascara.  On Saturdays I usually don't wear make-up.  It's my "face can breath" day.  But, if I leave the house I do throw on mascara still.  I have tried a couple.  I used Maybelline for a while but in the end have come back to Loreal Voluminous non-waterproof in black brown.  Seriously, the brush separates your eyelashes so well and goes on so evenly.  Yay.  Love it.  And this too is pretty cheap.  Yay for cheap.  :)

Buxom - Buxom Stay-There Eye ShadowEyeshadow.  Ok, I'm borderline obsessed with this eyeshadow.  It's like my favorite thing to use ever.  I never wore eyeshadow because I'm hecka lazy and that weird thingy-ma-bobber that you sweep onto the eyeshadow and then onto your eyelids always got lost/gross.  Meh.  I discovered this for my wedding.  It's a little wet/dry pot that you just rub with your finger and sweep onto your lids.  Takes 2 seconds.  Literally. lasts a really long time (I don't put it on very heavy).  I LOVE Buxom Stay There Eyeshadow in Mutt (Sephora).

Finally, the eyeliner.  Sometimes I wear it...sometimes I don't.  Sorta depends on how I'm feeling.  I have tried a Clinique one that I rather like but I actually stumbled across this Maybelline one which was at least have the price and was seriously just as good.  It goes on butter smooth, and lasts all day.  I wear the Cinnabar one.

And that my friends, is my face for you in a nut shell.  If any of these products go out of production.  I'll cry.  Oh well.

So, now I'm done.  It takes me about...5 min. at the most to put on makeup.  :)

Got any favorite products that you would throw a temper-tantrum if they discontinued?  Please do share.  :)

Disclaimer: I was in no way paid or compensated for the review of these products.  I just like 'em and thought maybe you would too.  :)

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