Monday, January 28, 2013

Half Way--20 Weeks

Half way done baby!

We just hit the 20 week mark.  It's all down hill from here.  Right?  I'm curious to know what goes by faster...the first half or the 2nd half of pregnancy?  In some ways I can't believe that we're already at 20 weeks and yet at the same time I feel like I've been pregnant forEVER.  Seriously. 

It's kinda sappy and all maternal-ooey-gooey but in some strange way I feel like I've known this little baby forever.  Like, I can't imagine life without it.  As if he was always a part of my life and yet I'm just now getting to officially meet him and know him.  Weird right?  Yeah.  Cool and yet in some ways it scares me.  I'm so "invested" (for lack of a better word) in him that I get scared and fearful.  I just want him to be healthy and happy and to in the end love Jesus with his whole heart.  I can't imagine how much these feelings intensify once they're here and real without the safe confides of the womb.


Various pregnancy happenings:
  • There is no doubt that I have a baby in me.  I started feeling "vibrations" at 17 weeks with a very occasional kick here and there.  The odd thing about the vibrations though was that I couldn't feel them unless I placed my hand on my stomach in a certain spot where he seemed to like to chill.  So technically...I could feel him from the outside before I could feel him from the inside.  Weird.  Now he kicks.  And sometimes so hard that I jump...and laugh because it's shocking and kinda tickles.  Jason has been able to feel him multiple times.  Love.
  • I feel huge.  I know, I know.  I gotta looooong way to go but seriously, yeah.  I have to sit straight up or I feel like it's hard to breath.  Lord help me in a couple more months...
  • No cravings still.  Really, I'm hungry more often but I don't have a strong desire for food in general.  I for sure don't want coffee, chocolate, or chicken for some reason.  Veggies are still the most appealing.
  • Water.  Oh my gosh I down at LEAST 2-32 oz Nalgene's a day.  I just can't get enough.  Yum.
  • Pants.  Oye vay mama.  I do NOT fit into most of my pants anymore.  My butt is totally bigger and so I'm having some issues getting them over my hips...let's not even talk about the whole zipping/buttoning sitch.  So, H&M maternity has some dang darn cute maternity jeans that actually FIT me...a little FYI.  Shocking.  But, I can't wear jeans to work.  blak.  Finding work pants have been an issue for sure.  Most maternity pants are way too big in the butt, hips, and thighs.  Lame.  Oh well.
  • Weight gain.  Last time I checked I was a good 10 lbs. heavier.  I have never been above 120.  Ever.  Sorta shocking and yet...whatever.  There will be more where that came from for sure.  I am a water retainer though.  I was very briefly on the pill and I ballooned up like the Goodyear blimp, and then as soon as I went off of it...a month later I was pretty much back to normal.  I assume something similar is going to happen with this pregnancy.  Oh well.  Bring on the "fat face".  :)
  • Now that I'm no longer in "miscarriage territory" I seem to have transferred my fear of that to an "early birth" fear.  Ugh.  I'm not a scared/worrying type of person so yeah...I feel like I've become this crazy nut case who I no longer recognize.  It's a continual surrender I tell you...with lots and lots of prayer.
  • Yoga.  I'm doing cardio still 2-3 times a week but I've noticed already that I'm having lower back pain (I have a weak lower back from a tailbone break I had years ago...annoying).  I am also REALLY stiff.  So, yoga and I are becoming fast BFF's.
And that's it.  20 weeks!  Woohoo!
And just some random 20 week facts for you on the little munchkin...
-Supposedly the baby weighs 10 1/2 oz though I think ours is a bit bigger since he was 10 oz almost 2 weeks ago.  He's also about 10 inches from head to heel.
-He can hear our voices.
-His teeth are beginning to appear and he's beginning to swallow.

Yay!  And this concludes my looooong 20 week post.   <3


  1. Oh Anna... so good to hear your thoughts. The 2nd trimester is definitely the best and the last 4 weeks are the worst... so huge and just READY to meet your little one. And you're going to be beautiful - I mean, you ARE beautiful. My hips have never been the same, but I've embraced it and my bigger pant size. :-) Children are most def worth it.

  2. Can you wear leggings to work? Leggings and a long tunic or comfy dress? 3 more weeks until I'm halfway there! I know what you mean, it feels like its gone by fast but it also feels like I've been pregnant forever. Haha.

  3. I can wear leggings. Leggings and boots would be a great option but the odd thing is that I've been having trouble finding tunic type shirts that I like. I just need to be less picky. Seriously. It's not like I have to wear it for the rest of my life. But're right.

  4. The second half seemed to go by even faster than the first half for me. Towards the end when someone asked me if I was done being pregnant, my reply was always "No, I know she's safe in there and I have less to worry about!"

    I was worried about delivering early, since some friends had their little one at 36 weeks (so I had my bag packed by the time I hit 37 weeks). Prenatal massages were wonderful and a really nice treat too!

  5. I love how much you're blogging now, Anna! And I especially enjoy the pregnancy updates. Just have to say that you are SO far from huge -- when maternity clothes are still too big, you're not even close :) Also, I have to say that in my experience the 2nd half of pregnancy goes much faster than the 1st, especially when you are sick like it sounds like you were. I am just always so thankful to be past the nauseau that the ever-expanding belly is no big deal! At least that's my 2-cents.

  6. Ha! Thanks Kali. Yeah, I made myself blog quite a few months back and I was doing pretty well...and then about the time I wanted to stop...I got pregnant! Yay for fresh blog material. :) And I totally know I'm not huge...and yet...I still FEEL huge, which sorta scares me because this is not huge at all. Yikes. But yes, yay for not being sick, those days creeeeeeeped by. All I could think about was getting home and going to bed. :)