Monday, February 4, 2013

Baby Boy Style

Wow!  A week since my last post.  Where or where did the time go???  :)

Ok, so if I was a total bajillionaire I would buy ALL of our baby swag from Etsy.  Seriously.  I'm in love.  I love the idea that someone personally MADE our little one's goods.  But...I am just an average middle class American so mass produced it is.  When we can, we buy small biz style but we, like most others, have to succumb to the big, box store goods also.  Oh well. 

Anyways, here are a couple of to-die-for-make-me-drool-all-over-myself-things-that-I-LOVE.   :)  Enjoy!

E is for Empanada Organic Baby Bib -Galaxy Blue
FOUND HERE!  I mildly freaked out over this one.
We ate so many empanadas in Chile it was ridiculous.  :)
Upcycled Wool Baby Booties Boots Brown/Ivory With Pattern Cooper Brown/Gray With Suede Soles 6-9M Eco Friendly
FOUND HERE!  Yeah, I'm totally and completely
obsessed with these...just sayin'.
Organic Baby Bib, Pocket Bib, Foxes, Sly Fox
FOUND HERE!  Cutest little bib evuh!
The Crossover - Black and Green Felt - Baby Boy Shoes - Baby Booties
FOUND HERE! Could you just eat these little booties up?   Gah!
Bicycle Wheel American Apparel Organic baby Onesie in Galaxy Blue
FOUND HERE!  Gotta start him on the bike young right? :)
Organic Cotton Onesie - Hand Screen Printed American Apparel Baby Onesie - VW Bus Illustration- Eco Friendly and Awesome (You pick size)
FOUND HERE!  I have a slight obsession with VW Buses.  Like it would be my mom wagon if I could.  Yeah.  Love.

I don't think I realized how fun it would be to dress a boy!  :)
And I seriously am banning myself from etsy and pinterest this week.  I have wasted WAY too much time skimming and perusing.  Glad I got this out of my system though.  Happy Monday!

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  1. Aw! Thanks for posting about my organic fox bib on your adorable blog! Contact me and I'll give you a special discount for you and your baby boy.