Friday, February 8, 2013

Catchy Title to Come.

Bullet Post.  Boo yah.  I think this might as well be my new Friday norm...since I do it almost every Friday anyways.  Might as well make it official.  You know, have the D.T.R talk.  Yeah.  We're sorta an item now.  Now we just need to think of a catchy little title.  I suck at that.  I'll get back to you on that one.  :)

  • So, let's start with a pregnancy observation.  I feel this kid move some what often through out the day.  The kicks that happen when he's facing outward are obvious and  Lately though I've been feeling what I would describe as "concentrated internal earthquakes".  I'm guessing these are the kicks that occur when his back is to the world and he's facing my spine.  Yeah.  Weirdest feeling ever.  The first time I thought it was a huge gas bubble coming to fruition...and then I waited for the fart...but it never came.  By the way, can they kick your spine and make you go paralysed?  Just wondering.  These are the thoughts I have.  Be happy you don't have my brain.
  • We got a crib!  For $25.  I saw it on craiglist for $50 and contacted the lady and then changed my mind because I really wanted a FREE crib, haha.  Then she contacted me back and I told her that I had changed my mind and that I was really sorry and then SHE said, "How about I give it to you for $25, our house remodel starts tomorrow and I just want it gone."  It was hard to tell from the pics but it was a white sleigh style crib.  Seemed cute.  So I thought why not.  Jason picked it up and when I came home from work...yeah.  It's even cuter in real life...and it's some Italian brand that when I looked it up online ended up being a $600 crib.  Score.
  • We have a deductible to save up for and possibly a car to buy...all in 4 months.  We are in frugal, living on a strict budget to the MAX, mode.  I love it and hate it all at the same time.  I love the feeling of success when you've fulfilled your goal but the road to it isn't always that fun.  :)
  • I've been feeling an extra strong desire to look feminine lately.  Like jewelry and make-up is so much more enticing as of late.  Is it because I've got this boy in me?  It makes me wonder because jewelry is usually 
  • I started my quilt and I'm still totally obsessed with the fabric...which makes me ever so happy.  I've cut about half of my squares.  I've got a loooooong way to go. 
  • I'm obsessed with greek yogurt.
  • Concentrated internal earthquake.  Just had one.  If this is my last bullet he kicked my spine and I'm now paralysed.
  • Nope we're good.
  • Happy weekend friends!!!
By the way!  You Bake Me Happy Wednesday was well...Wednesday!  It ends tomorrow.  Don't forget to comment for a chance at some goodies.  Yay oh yay!

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