Thursday, February 14, 2013

20 Things: To my Valentine

Happy Valentine's Day to all.

Especially to the incredibly, fantastic man I call my husband.

In honor of such a day, here are 20 things that I just LoooooOOoooOOve about my husband.  There are more.  But I don't want to bore you with a cheese fest.  So yes, you're welcome.

20. Your glasses.  I love a man in glasses and you work
19. I love you but also just plain LIKE you more and more every day.  Imagine us in 50 years.  Sheesh. 
18. Your tan skin.  Okay, I'm vain.  I dig the tan though.
17. Your smile.  It's kinda border line smouldering.  Gets me every time.
16.  Our weird inside jokes that I'm pretty sure everyone else would think is a) not p.c. and b) slightly inappropriate. 
15. Your big muscly shoulders.
14. Your laugh.  It's incredibly contagious.
13.  Your amazing ability to push all my buttons and drive my bonkers...all in a matter of 10 seconds. (Yes, I even love that...usually.  :)  )
12.  The way you take care of me and desire to provide.
11.  Your quirky hobbies.  You're seriously super unique and the opposite of boring.  I love it.
10.  The way you come alive when you're abroad in other cultures.
9.  The fact that you're a teacher and it's totally your thing.  There are other careers that may make more money but I'm proud that you worked hard for your goal and have attained it.
8.  Your perfectionism.  Let's face it.  I ain't got an OUNCE of that.  Our little family needs you, hehe.  :)
7.  Your love for food.  How you totally wig out when I make a yummy dinner or dessert.  It's nice to feel appreciated.
6.  Your verbal skills.  You talk so freely about feelings and life.  There's always something to talk about with you and you are always so free in expressing your feelings for me.
5.  Your love for the outdoors, backpacking, and God's creation.
4.  How I try to talk you out of going to church once a month and you always fight me and say we need to go.  :)  It's true.  We need to.  hehe.
3. You always initiate holding my hand.  Even after 8 years of dating/marriage.
2. Your unbelievable amount of kindness.  Seriously, it puts me to shame. 
1. And the number ONE reason....

Your love for the Lord.  And how it overflows and I receive the benefits of a man rooted on his God. 

Happy Valentine's Day Jason!  You the best.  You and your glasses, muscles, and tan skin.  :)

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