Monday, February 18, 2013

Oh Pregnancy.

Well, today is a much anticipated third day off to the weekend.  President's Day.  I woke up, took Jason to school, and then with out going into too much TMI basically had something happen that caused me to call my doctor's office...which of course is closed because it's...President's Day.  Riiiight.  Figures.  So I spoke to the triage emergency lady who was a doll.  She calmed my nerves, said everything is probably fine, asked me questions like...Do you have cramping? "No."  Is the baby moving? "Yes."  blah blah blah.  She said if it gets worse then I'll have to come into the emergency room.  I felt okay, hung up the phone, and then burst into tears because's.NOT.okay??? Apparently SFSU doesn't have today off and so Jason had classes to teach, leaving me home alone to deal with my emotions...not a very good thing sometimes.  I sent a text to him filling him in and then just sat and stared at the wall.


"God is gracious."

Two things that I have been repeating to myself (and God has been teaching me) through out this whole pregnancy.  Really, things have been pretty easy.  But there's fear.  Lots of fear and I don't know why I can't seem to shake it.  I don't know if I'd be feeling this way no matter what or if it's because my first pregnancy was a miscarriage.  Not sure.  But it's there and it drives me bonkers.

So, I'm on "pelvic rest" for a week which doesn't mean much except no exercising, lifting anything, and etc.  Basically just take it extra easy and report to my doctor by the end of the week.

We definitely would love prayer...that my little episode was a one time thing, that the babes is okay, and that I would above all surrender...and know that God is gracious.  Oh, and that I would actually REST.  It's been about 4 hours and I already feel like scrubbing the house and doing the dishes. 

Anyways, so that's that.

On a happier note.  I actually did a project that I finished from beginning to end in less than 24 hours.  Yay me.  It's a baby mobile.  And I'm kinda obsessed.

 My photo quality/ability is terrible but you get the idea.  So darn cute.  awe.  It's made out of felted wool.

Anyways, happy President's Day friends.  Hope you're enjoying a day off :)


  1. Praying for you three!

    Super cute mobile!

  2. I was scared throughout my entire pregnancy because I had 3 miscarriages before one finally stuck. I learned nothing is too little to seek medical attention for, the peace of mind you get is good for you and the baby. Prayers!

  3. Wow Aimee! You are a stud. I think I would've been a basket case. Sheesh. Your little man is literally the cutest little peanut ever. And you're's so much better to just get the medical advice right off. Thanks! <3

  4. Oh yes, I was a complete basket case. I didn't believe I was actually going to have a baby until...oh...35 weeks? Thinking about you today, hoping you are relaxed and all is well.

  5. Oh Anna - so sorry for your scare!! But... that mobile is darling and I think you should make a tutorial on all your free "couch" time. :)